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About us

Lucid Writers is a Freelance writing company that focuses solely on delivering the best possible product we can. founded by Adonis Richards in 2020 in Schenectady, New York. ” I always had a passion for writing and creating, and i wanted to create a space to share my capabilities and well as assist others with my creative ability.”

Lucid Writers covers free lance writing, copywriting, website building, writing tutoring, as well as a plethora of other creation.


Free Lance Writing

everything from writing drafts, grammatically correct spelling, great content writing for your blog/ website etc…

We provide Freelance writing opportunities for your business needs at an affordable price!!

Website Building

Here at Lucid Writers, we create fabulous websites via wix, wordpress, go-daddy or even from scratch.

yes from scratch we can build a website for your business or leisure.


Not only do we practice content creation, Lucid Writers has a mastery over the English language.

join us for writing tutoring, be it classes or one on one.


Here are a list of testimonials from clients in the past


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